There’s a little bit of Shoe Princess in all of us, my darlings – Shoe Are You?


This princess (usually an international supermodel society beauty) totally understands the sexual cocktail of upmarket shoes and good grooming, and uses it to ensnare her impossibly handsome and wealthy husband/lover/partner.  She could not tell you how many pairs of shoes she owns – but it would be in the hundreds.  Her maid may have a better idea, as she is the only one allowed to touch them. She only ever ambulates cab-to-door and enjoys the jet-set lifestyle.  The only ‘casual shoes’ you will ever spy her in are her high-heeled, towelling Jimmy Choo pedicure-wedge flip-flops. She often has personal relationships with some of the biggest shoe designers on the planet, and thinks nothing of having shoes express couriered to her home direct from Italy for special occasions.  She considers pedicures (French of course) more important than food.

Cosmo SP

The thoroughly dedicated-to-the-cause, childless, working girl who utterly adores shoes.  She is known to ring up her best friend on her mobile in the midst of a shoe sale pandemonium, seeking validation to blow her budget on a ‘must-have’ pair of silver Sonia Rykiel 3 inch spikes.  She always owns a pair of red ‘Dorothy’ shoes and ‘lucky’ first date and job interview shoes.  She takes shoe shopping very seriously, and has been known to shop for six hours straight in a quest to find the right pair.

Fashionista SP

Is happy to wear her vertiginous cheetah-print platform wedges with her strapless sundress on a cold and drizzly summer’s afternoon in London. All because Vogue ran a series of pictures of The Cat wearing them in St Tropez.  Her mantra is ‘no pain, no gain’.  She has her name on at least three shoe waiting lists at any one time.  She doesn’t ‘do’ white trainers – unless at the gym – as it would be like wearing polyester trousers.

There’s more to come!  Or better still, send in your own…