2010 yearbook photoMy Darling Shoe Princesses

I must confess that being the star of The Shoe Princess’s Guide to the Galaxy AND my own magnificent blog has been cause for some envy from my humble author SP Emma Bowd.

As editor-in-chief of my blog I’m afraid that I have, on several occasions,  had to reject her feeble offerings.  Having said that, with my blessing, she’s somehow convinced the UK Writers’ and Artists’ Yearbook to feature her as a guest author on their blog with ‘Seven secrets of writing a page-turner’ ‘Are you a natural born author?’ and ‘How to deal with rejection letters’ .

Nevertheless, I strongly urge subjects of my Shoedom to take a peek at the articles and stroke her fragile ego….though I do note that she didn’t give away her eighth secret to success….a fabulously beautiful and intelligent Shoe Princess as a main character! xx