My Darling Shoe Princesses

My heartfelt thanks to the delightful Chloe and Leah at Chicklitreviews for their glowing review of SP Emma Bowd’s The Shoe Princess’s Guide to the Galaxy….

“5/5  –  Recommended as a brilliant summer read.”

I’m also quite chuffed to note their appreciation of SP Emma Bowd’s research into all things shoe-related.  I hasten to add that it was moi who insisted she attend a shoemaking weekend at the divine Prescott and Mackay  school of fashion and accessory design, London. (Sadly, no hunky Italian tutor as in Shoe Princess though!) – the fruits of her toils and blistered fingertips displayed in the photo below.  And, yes, we did do a shoe-trip to Milan too (the Holy Grail of all Shoe Princesses)….the cobblestones are truly treacherous! xx

SP Emma Bowd's hand made shoes