My Darling Shoe Princesses

As you well know, there’s nothing quite like the adrenalin rush of a Shoe Sale to set the pulse racing.  Imagine how excited I was to accompany SP Emma Bowd to a book-signing at Myer department storein the midst of their end-of-financial-year shoe sale!  Heaven.  Our thanks to the divine Bev and her gorgeous team at Myer Southland (especially the book department) for allowing us to have so much fun! 

  Myer 2  Myer 6_edited      

  Myer 4   Myer 5 

It’s quite apt that I remind my dear subjects of my Top 5 Tips for Shoe-sale shopping :

1. Yes, you really do need satin lime-green stilettos and purple ankle boots a size too small for you (that’s what panadol was invented for).

2. Wear thin tights and comfy mules or loafers – not glam, but easier when trying on shoes in a hurry.

3.  Always be polite and courteous and never snatch shoes from another Shoe Princess.  Ever.

4. Chant the mantra: “Why buy one pair of sale shoes when I can technically afford to buy five?”

5. Have fun and hopefully you will find that couture stiletto which you would never have been able to afford otherwise.