ShoestoppersBonjour My Darlings

I’m in holiday mode at the moment and enjoying the fruit of one very clever Shoe Princess’s labours…feast your eyes on the utterly divine and incredibly well-crafted Shoe Stoppers!  The brainchild of SP Jane Brown who, literally, came up with the idea for the lovely little pieces of gorgeousness one evening over a glass of red.  (I’m privy to all the inside goss thanks to SP Emma Bowd’s jaunts at the Australian Shoe Fair!)

I can also vouch that they work a treat…as SP Emma Bowd craftily bartered a copy of her novel The Shoe Princess’s Guide to the Galaxy for the black and white polka dot stiletto Shoe Stopper!  (They are quite weighty and come in a cute satin-lined gift box)

The perfect gift exchange from one Shoe Princess to another! xx