My Darling Shoe Princesses

Every now and then SP Emma Bowd needs to remind me (with a subtle jab of her stiletto!) that her gorgeous little novel The Shoe Princess’s Guide to the Galaxy is not just about shoes!

Indeed, shoes provide quite a lovely window-dressing for her tale of transition from career-girl to first-time-mum… and all the fun and games that follow.

Heartfelt thanks to the utterly divine Brighton MOPS for having SP Emma Bowd talk about her novel.  She was truly overwhelmed by the warm welcome and absolutely enjoyed the questions and discussions that evolved.

Hats off to MOPS…a glittering gem of a lifeline for mums and their children and families.  Bravo! xx

Practical Parenting, May 2009

‘…a good read. Be entertained and enlightened’

Practical Parenting Magazine

(Aust, May 2009)