Bonjour and a very happy 2010 to my darling Shoe Princesses.

I’m so thrilled to welcome the divine Canadian book reviewers, Jonita of Book Chic and Tina of Bookshipper to the Shoe Princess fold.  And of course SP Emma Bowd is delighted and humbled by their glowing reviews of The Shoe Princess’s Guide to the Galaxy…certainly makes those hundreds of hours at the coal face worth it! 

It seems the international languages of shoes, motherhood, friendship and love know no boundaries…

Jonita’s Review (Dec 15, 2009) @  The Book Chic (even making her ‘favourite reads of 2009’ list!)

‘…an absolutely enjoyable read…exciting…couldn’t wait to find out what happened next. Left me wanting more.

‘A great gift for the new-mom, chick-lit lover, shoe lover or just a fabulous present for yourself.’

Full Book Review and Author Interview


Tina’s Review (Dec 29, 2009) @ Bookshipper

4 Stars

‘absolutely everything that I love in a great chick lit book..funny, strong and witty main character…shoes…storyline that had me hooked from the first second.’