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SP Kindle edition
Kindle Edition

   Kindle Edition of The Shoe Princess’s Guide to the Galaxy

I’d also like to extend my heartfelt gratitude to the following bookstores, shoe stores (!) and businesses for kindly supporting SP Emma Bowd and The Shoe Princess’s Guide to the Galaxy with book-signings and/or displays:

THESAURUS Bookshop and ABC Centre

Brighton, Australia


 BUY a_and_r_logo_small westfield_shopping_Australia

Fountain Gate;  Southland;  Melbourne City;  Eastland;  Camberwell


 BUY borders logo 2 westfield_shopping_Australia

Doncaster;  Chadstone; Camberwell

Kidna Books

Kidna Books, Hampton, Australia

 BUY  westfield_shopping_Australia

  Australian Shoe Fair - Melbourne, 2009       logo_myer

The Avenue Bookstore

The Avenue Bookstore, Albert Park, Australia

 Bayside City Council

Bayside Libraries, Melbourne

Coco Spice               Novo Shoes              Cecci Shoes

Coco Spice Shoes                     Novo Shoes                            Cecci Shoes      

 Jane Debster logo                 Magnolia Square Market

                        Jane Debster Shoes                      Magnolia Square Market