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Hats off to MOPS

My Darling Shoe Princesses

Every now and then SP Emma Bowd needs to remind me (with a subtle jab of her stiletto!) that her gorgeous little novel The Shoe Princess’s Guide to the Galaxy is not just about shoes!

Indeed, shoes provide quite a lovely window-dressing for her tale of transition from career-girl to first-time-mum… and all the fun and games that follow.

Heartfelt thanks to the utterly divine Brighton MOPS for having SP Emma Bowd talk about her novel.  She was truly overwhelmed by the warm welcome and absolutely enjoyed the questions and discussions that evolved.

Hats off to MOPS…a glittering gem of a lifeline for mums and their children and families.  Bravo! xx

Practical Parenting, May 2009

‘…a good read. Be entertained and enlightened’

Practical Parenting Magazine

(Aust, May 2009)

Indulge. Shop. Shine.

Borders - Westfield Doncaster

My thanks to the lovely Kate and her gorgeous team at Borders Westfield Doncaster for looking after SP Emma Bowd so well at her book-signing today! 

Glorious spring sunshine added an extra shimmer to a sparkling afternoon amongst shoe- and book-lovers. 

Thank you! xx

 borders logo 2



 A&R Eastland 1  A&R Eastland slatdisplay 

My darlings, mountains of thanks to the divine Beck and her staff at Angus & Robertson, Eastland, for such a gorgeous reception at SP Emma Bowd’s book-signing today!  Indeed, may I award Beck a special Shoe Princess Commendation for preparing such a pretty book display – resplendent with her very own heels and even a matching handbag (a gift from her adorable boyfriend…top marks Shoe Prince!!).  With more than its fair share of Shoe Princesses to chat to, I had a simply lovely morning amongst kindred spirits. xx

Stepping Out – Book ‘Do’ with a Difference

My darling Shoe Princesses

Never have I been more proud to call myself a Shoe PrincessOh, what a night!

SP Emma Bowd joined 120 fellow Shoe Princesses in a shoe shop (yes, the divine Cecci Shoes is a very big shoe shop!) for an evening of fine finger food, wine and much shoe- and book-talk… and shopping!

Most importantly, not only did my SPs kick-up-their-heels, but they were also able to raise funds for the invaluable work of the Ardoch Youth Foundation.  Truly gratifying and an absolutely heavenly atmosphere.

A huge amount of fun was had with the drawing of Raffles from our gorgeous donors; as well as SP Shoe Quizzes, testing the keenest shoe-knowledge for Endota Day Spa Brighton deluxe pedicure vouchers!

Bayside Libraries and Kidna Books ensured that the evening wasn’t completely overrun by shoes and that SP Emma Bowd did her best to enlighten and entertain authors-in-the-making, as well as sign copies of her novel The Shoe Princess’s Guide to the Galaxy.

SP Emma Bowd and I would like to sincerely thank Mandy Burns, CEO of the Ardoch Youth Foundation for her inspiring and heartwarming talk – there was not a dry eye in the house!  And I’m sure Mandy will be receiving assistance in many guises from my Shoe Princesses to help make education a reality for the students and families in her support networks.  Bravo Shoe Princesses! xx

L-R SP Emma Bowd, Linda Lorenz (Kidna Books), Ali Hill (Bayside Libraries) and Mandy Burns (CEO, Ardoch Youth Foundation)

Kidna BooksBayside City Council  Cecci Shoes  ArdochBlackbanner

A Rock-n-Rolling Good Time

My Darling Shoe Princesses

My thanks to the divine Sean and his gorgeous team at Borders Chadstone for having me along for the party that was Saturday afternoon.  How can you top a book-signing accompanied by disco-dancing models on rollerskates and live DJs?!  Only at The Fashion Capital! xx

 Borders Chadstone Borders Chadstone

Retail Therapy

My Darling Shoe Princesses

As you well know, there’s nothing quite like the adrenalin rush of a Shoe Sale to set the pulse racing.  Imagine how excited I was to accompany SP Emma Bowd to a book-signing at Myer department storein the midst of their end-of-financial-year shoe sale!  Heaven.  Our thanks to the divine Bev and her gorgeous team at Myer Southland (especially the book department) for allowing us to have so much fun! 

  Myer 2  Myer 6_edited      

  Myer 4   Myer 5 

It’s quite apt that I remind my dear subjects of my Top 5 Tips for Shoe-sale shopping :

1. Yes, you really do need satin lime-green stilettos and purple ankle boots a size too small for you (that’s what panadol was invented for).

2. Wear thin tights and comfy mules or loafers – not glam, but easier when trying on shoes in a hurry.

3.  Always be polite and courteous and never snatch shoes from another Shoe Princess.  Ever.

4. Chant the mantra: “Why buy one pair of sale shoes when I can technically afford to buy five?”

5. Have fun and hopefully you will find that couture stiletto which you would never have been able to afford otherwise.

Shoe Princess Fashions In The Field

A&R main SP window displayMy Darling Shoe Princesses

Just when I thought the SP glamometer could not get any higher at SP Emma Bowd’s book signings….the magnificent Troy Pretty and his gorgeous staff at Angus & Robertson raised the bar by decking-out in Shoe Princess t-shirts for the day! 

What a huge amount of fun!  And yet again, we had the pleasure of meeting many delightful shoe princesses who shared their shoe stories with us…thank you!


PS  SP Tania…I’ll be dedicating my new ‘Shoe Are You’ category ‘Chic-n-Cheerful’ to you and your divine Target shoes and D&G sunglasses…keep posted xx

A&R gorgesous girls and SP t-shirtsA&R dream SP team!Glam SP staff t-shirtsA&R window display 1A&R 3

Tropical Treat

My heartfelt thanks to the perfectly pedicured Shoe Princesses of Brisbane who treated SP Emma Bowd and I to a fabulous evening of wine, nibbles and much shoe- and book-talk at Mary Ryan’s Bookstore in Paddington.  The Shoe Princess’s Guide to the Galaxy (Aust/NZ; UK) posters adorned every wall; and the delightful owner, Steph, proudly wore a necklace made of delectable little silver shoes! Heavenly. xx 

 Brisbane SP3Brisbane SP5Brisbane SP1Brisbane SP4

Shoe Princess woos Magnolia Square

My Darling Shoe PrincessesMagnolia Square MarketIt was my great pleasure to accompany SP Emma Bowd to the beautiful Magnolia Square for a book-signing.  Not only did we meet the most exquisite Shoe Princesses who shared many magnificent shoe stories with us (more on that later…!) but we rubbed shoulders with some of the finest artisans in Melbourne.

Completely inspiring and utterly enjoyable!

Here’s what the lovely Magnolia Square had to say about The Shoe Princess’s Guide to the Galaxy (Aust/NZ; UK): “…..a very funny tale of the transition from shoe addicted working-girl to swollen footed new mum!  A sassy and original debut about one woman’s attempts to put her best foot forward. For plenty more laughs pick up a copy of Shoe Princess.”

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