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Petite Shoe Princess Extraordinaire

#bootsoftheday.......Yes, once again...Louboutin...with PUG!!! on TwitpicThis weeks ‘Top of the Class’ award, goes from one Aussie SP to another…

SP Emma Bowd has great pleasure in crowning the darling divine SP Kylie Minogue ‘Petite Shoe Princess’ extraordinaire, thanks to her unwavering dedication-to-the-cause. Truly inspiring!

Here’s Kylie’s latest Twitpic: Louboutin of course! xx

What type of Shoe Princess are you?  Could you be Pernickety, Common Garden Variety, Practical, Politically Correct or Cinderella?  After all, there’s a little bit of Shoe Princess in all of us, my darlings.  Lots more shoe-talk in SP Emma Bowd’s The Shoe Princess’s Guide to the Galaxy (UK/AUSTRALIA).

Petite Shoe Princess

Very high heels are a way of life for this SP…even her slippers have heels.  Her partner has never seen her barefoot, and she could easily run a marathon from lofty heights.  Her mantra is: ‘Why go to the gym when you can wear platform stilettos!’

All Hail Queen Danielle

H O T   O F F   T H E  P R E S S

My darling Shoe Princesses, it is with immense pleasure that I can announce Danielle Steele of romance novel fame as Monsieur Louboutin’s ‘supertop’ customer! With more than 6,000 pairs of his designer shoes in her closet – mostly garnered from personal shopping trips from her home in the US to Paris.

Ooh la la!  I think we have a new Queen of the Platinum Shoe Princesses.  Sorry Oprah, you have been dethroned!

(My humble author SP Emma Bowd can but dream….xx)

Foot Note

Lime Green Christian Louboutin
Christian Louboutin Stiletto

Bonjour My Darlings

Some words of wisdom from the utterly divine SP Catherine Logue, who I recently met at a gorgeous girlie soiree (along with her stunning satin lime green Louboutins):

“If you can’t run in heels you don’t deserve them!” 

A wise woman indeed!  In honour of my kindred spirit I’ve found a fun little video, on the Neiman Marcus website, of an interview with Monsieur Louboutin in his Paris workshop. 

Enjoy! xx

P!NK Shoe Princess

My Darling Shoe Princesses

After dancing our way through the utterly amazing P!NK Funhouse Tour concert in Melbourne last night, SP Emma Bowd felt it only fitting that she dedicate a new Shoe Princess category in honour of P!NK

P!NK Shoe Princess Shoe - Christian Louboutin peep toe stilettoP!NK Shoe Princess:  This Shoe Princess is equally at ease in (gasp!) no shoes, biker-boots or vertiginous platform stilettos.  But to truly qualify as a P!NK Shoe Princess you must be able to effortlessly hop, skip, jump AND do handstands in your heels!  Oh, and did I mention trapeze work as well…You go girl!


shoe princess cover - high res

Shoe are You

Find your Shoe Princess personality profile (there’s about 25!)  in The Shoe Princess’s Guide to the Galaxy (UK; Aust)!

OK! (Hot Stars)Star Magazine 31 May 2009 

Star Magazine (UK) and OK! Hot Stars (UK):

‘A fun and quirky debut’ (May 2009)

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