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My darling Shoe Princesses

As SP Emma Bowd disappears into her writers’ cave to commence her next novel, she leaves us with this truly lovely little Shoe Video – High Heel Confidential – jam packed with fascinating shoe ‘goss’ for the shoe enthusiast and interviews with the likes of Manolo Blahnik and Stefano Ferragamo.

The video’s quite long, at 40 plus minutes…so find a quiet moment, put your feet up and enjoy!

Manolo meets Liberty

My Darling Shoe Princesses

There’s much to be excited about for the next three and a half months, with our Patron Saint Manolo Blahnik sprinkling his magic dust at Liberty of London.  (Incidentally, his very first retail foray outside of his Chelsea headquarters.)

Not only has he designed the most divine selection of shoe-inspired gifts baring his signature drawings, but he’s also made exquisite shoes exclusively for Liberty – having painstakingly researched their magnificent fabric catalogues for inspiration.

For those SPs lucky enough to be London-bound, have fun!  For the rest of us, click here for the full range in Liberty’s World of Manolo.

By way of consolation for SP Emma Bowd not being able to get to London to see her beloved Liberty, I thought I’d share with you some of my Top 10 Manolo Blahnik Moments of Madness from The Shoe Princess’s Guide to the Galaxy (Bloomsbury, 2009):

1. Full marks for initiative to junior SP of Hong Kong, aged 9 years, who sawed off the 9cm heels on her mother’s Manolos so that she could wear them.

2. SP of Paris only ever wears skyscraper Manolos and drinks champagne during long-haul flights. Vowing that it prevents jetlag and always makes the destination city look more interesting.

3.  Go sister!  A Spanish nun was sentenced to community service after embezzling school-library funds and spending them on 30 pairs of Manolos.

4. SP of St Petersburg highly recommends Manolos to inject spice into the bedroom – ever since her boyfriend started wearing them.

5. It must be love! Cape Town model and SP put 200 pairs of Manolos up for sale on eBay after her boyfriend refused to move in with her unless she halved her shoe collection.

Manolos Forever

My thanks to the divine Chuck and his stunning team at Dymocks for their wonderful hospitality at a book-signing today!  As always, SP Emma Bowd and I had much fun chatting with an array of lovely Shoe Princesses and hearing their wonderful shoe stories!

We even had a SP demonstrate walking in her fascinating MBT shoes (that’s “Masai Barefoot Technology” for the uninitiated).  Now…they were funky and red, but, let’s face it, any shoe with NO heel that markets itself as an anti-shoe is hardly going to rock my world!  Best left to the dear little Masai men and I’ll stick to my Manolos. xx

    Dymocks Southland (Westfield) Pick of the Month 1 - Shoe Princess  Dymocks Southland (Westfield) Pick of the Month

Recessionista Shoe Princess

Manolo Blahnik shoes by Venetia Sarll
Manolo Blahnik stilettos (all illustrations by Venetia Sarll*)

My darling Shoe Princesses, have I got an adorable story for you!

Sent in today by the divine SP Lorraine – formerly a steadfast Cinderella SP but now, thanks to a purple suede pair of strappy Manolo Blahnik stilettos purchased at her local thrift shop (!) a very happy Recessionista SP.

Over to you Lorraine:

…”Was bursting to tell someone and thought you would be the only person on the planet to truly understand!  My very first pair of Manolos came complete with original box, tissue paper (sooo important) and dust bag.   This is the highest pleasure… ‘a gift from a shoe goddess’ as opposed to the guilt of an expensive credit card purchase!  Am eternally optimistic after such a lucky find that my life will now take a turn and live up to my new shoes!”

SP Emma Bowd can’t help but wonder how the (almost-new) Manolos ended up in the thrift shop…could be the beginning of another book…xx

shoe princess cover *More magnificent shoe illustrations by Venetia Sarll can be found in SP Emma Bowd’s novel The Shoe Princess’s Guide to the Galaxy (Australia; UK).

  ‘A tale of love, friendship and shoes…what more could a girl want?’

COSMOPOLITAN Magazine, June 2009

‘Advantages: Funny, well written, not too long, good characters
Disadvantages: None unless you don’t like shoes!’

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