The Shoe Princess's Guide to the Galaxy author, Emma Bowd, leading the winter collection of clothing and food for the children's education charity Ardoch (Melbourne Weekly, June 2010)

Heartfelt thanks to the hundreds of mums who helped SP Emma Bowd collect many, many vanloads of clothing, shoes and food for her Shoe Princess Ardoch Winter Appeal over the past 4 months.  Word quickly spread amongst her gorgeous Shoe Princesses well beyond Bayside, with families and schools from all over Melbourne participating.  All of the donations were gratefully received by the grass-roots education charity and put to much good use during this, our coldest winter in many years.

In fact, SP Emma Bowd is extremely proud and delighted to announce that the food donation was the single largest ever received by Ardoch…all thanks to the generous and wonderful families of Loreto Mandeville Hall.

I always knew that my Shoe Princesses were gorgeous and fashionable on the outside AND with a magnificent social conscience on the inside! 

Thank you! xx