Melbourne Exhibition Centre

Tripping the Light Fantastic

Australian Shoe FairGreetings, my darling Shoe Princesses from the hallowed halls of the Melbourne Exhibition Centre and the Australian Shoe Fair (ASF).

…where and how does one begin…

Firstly, what an honour and truly fascinating experience it has been for a shoe-consumer (extraordinaire!) like myself, to take a behind-the-scenes peek at the life-cycle of a shoe. 

I’ve been overwhelmed by the many different players in this significant production which I’ve had the enormous fortune to meet, including:  importers, exporters, inventors, designers, manufacturers, captains of industry, family businesses, one-person enterprises, retailers (of all shapes and sizes), shoe-making teachers, stylists, web-based companies, bloggers, publishers, journalists, event organisers, publicists, image consultants, film-makers and philosophers (truly!). 

If the national grid could harness the energy at the ASF, Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions would be halved in one fell swoop.

In short…completely and utterly INSPIRING.

Oceans of thanks to the divine Hailey and Anna from Angus & Robertson for selling The Shoe Princess’s Guide to the Galaxy and A Passion for Shoes to my adoring fans, too!

Over the coming weeks and months I will have great pleasure in introducing you to some of the shoe-related companies and products that have caught my eye at the ASF.  Until then, au revoir, my darlings, and remember,

‘Shoe Princesses are not shoeaholics but footwear connoiseurs’

Australian Shoe Fair - Melbourne, 2009

Heel Heaven

Australian Shoe Fair - Melbourne, 2009

My Darling Shoe Princesses

It is with immense excitement and great pleasure that I can formally announce some very special news from the heart of my Shoedom:

For three whole days, from Sunday 30th August, 2009, SP Emma Bowd and moi will be special guests of the Australian Shoe Fair in Melbourne!  This is a trade-only fair my humble subjects, so expect lots of exclusive snippets of news and gorgeousness coming your way via this blog from inside the hallowed halls!  (And who knows…SP Emma Bowd may even learn how to use her Twitter account, and make some Tweets too…!)

Surrounded by so many people with a passion for shoes and their magnificent wares, you may very well not get us out of there! xx

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