All Hail Queen Danielle

H O T   O F F   T H E  P R E S S

My darling Shoe Princesses, it is with immense pleasure that I can announce Danielle Steele of romance novel fame as Monsieur Louboutin’s ‘supertop’ customer! With more than 6,000 pairs of his designer shoes in her closet – mostly garnered from personal shopping trips from her home in the US to Paris.

Ooh la la!  I think we have a new Queen of the Platinum Shoe Princesses.  Sorry Oprah, you have been dethroned!

(My humble author SP Emma Bowd can but dream….xx)

Oprah’s Shoe Closet Cleanout

Our Favourite Platinum Shoe Princess, Oprah (Photograph: Ruven Afanador)

My Darling Shoe Princesses

Our favourite Platinum SP, Oprah, is having a Spring cleanout of her shoe closet!

She’s nominated dozens of shoes (and clothing items) which will be auctioned soon on eBay to benefit her Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy for Girls in South Africa.

Though I am pleased to note that her Shoe Princess credentials are still firmly in place, with the declaration that there are some shoes she’s simply not prepared to put under the hammer!  Like her favourite pair of (unworn) ivory lace knee-high boots that she describes as a work of ‘sculpture‘ and ‘closet jewelry’.

What are you waiting for SPs?  Skip on over to for all the details in aid of a very worthy cause.

And who knows, you may be walking in the footsteps of Oprah – quite literally. 

Good luck! xx 

Platinum SP 

Money is no object and expensive shoes are amongst the many fine possessions in her life.  This SP loves having gazillions of shoes in her colour-coordinated designer wardrobe as a sign of her self-made success and financial independence. She’s often quoted as saying that she still has her feet on the ground – but just in more expensive shoes! (Think Oprah.)

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