Petite Shoe Princess Extraordinaire

#bootsoftheday.......Yes, once again...Louboutin...with PUG!!! on TwitpicThis weeks ‘Top of the Class’ award, goes from one Aussie SP to another…

SP Emma Bowd has great pleasure in crowning the darling divine SP Kylie Minogue ‘Petite Shoe Princess’ extraordinaire, thanks to her unwavering dedication-to-the-cause. Truly inspiring!

Here’s Kylie’s latest Twitpic: Louboutin of course! xx

What type of Shoe Princess are you?  Could you be Pernickety, Common Garden Variety, Practical, Politically Correct or Cinderella?  After all, there’s a little bit of Shoe Princess in all of us, my darlings.  Lots more shoe-talk in SP Emma Bowd’s The Shoe Princess’s Guide to the Galaxy (UK/AUSTRALIA).

Petite Shoe Princess

Very high heels are a way of life for this SP…even her slippers have heels.  Her partner has never seen her barefoot, and she could easily run a marathon from lofty heights.  Her mantra is: ‘Why go to the gym when you can wear platform stilettos!’

Shoe Love

Jane Debster ShoesJane Debster and The Shoe Princess

Congratulations to the 10 divine Shoe Princesses who won a copy of SP Emma Bowd’s perfect summer holiday beach-read, The Shoe Princess’s Guide to the Galaxy (AUST; UK) from Jane Debster shoes. 

For more special treats exclusive to Jane Debster see Club JD.   

Happy reading my darlings!

Pontiac by Jane DebsterPS.  Before you pack the sparkly sandals and beach tote, may I suggest a quick peek at the black, patent leather ‘Pontiac’ peep toe stiletto.  A timeless addition to any shoe collection with a clever (and comfortable) platform, and ultra-flattering dip-sided silhouette. xx


 A&R Eastland 1  A&R Eastland slatdisplay 

My darlings, mountains of thanks to the divine Beck and her staff at Angus & Robertson, Eastland, for such a gorgeous reception at SP Emma Bowd’s book-signing today!  Indeed, may I award Beck a special Shoe Princess Commendation for preparing such a pretty book display – resplendent with her very own heels and even a matching handbag (a gift from her adorable boyfriend…top marks Shoe Prince!!).  With more than its fair share of Shoe Princesses to chat to, I had a simply lovely morning amongst kindred spirits. xx

P!NK Shoe Princess

My Darling Shoe Princesses

After dancing our way through the utterly amazing P!NK Funhouse Tour concert in Melbourne last night, SP Emma Bowd felt it only fitting that she dedicate a new Shoe Princess category in honour of P!NK

P!NK Shoe Princess Shoe - Christian Louboutin peep toe stilettoP!NK Shoe Princess:  This Shoe Princess is equally at ease in (gasp!) no shoes, biker-boots or vertiginous platform stilettos.  But to truly qualify as a P!NK Shoe Princess you must be able to effortlessly hop, skip, jump AND do handstands in your heels!  Oh, and did I mention trapeze work as well…You go girl!


shoe princess cover - high res

Shoe are You

Find your Shoe Princess personality profile (there’s about 25!)  in The Shoe Princess’s Guide to the Galaxy (UK; Aust)!

OK! (Hot Stars)Star Magazine 31 May 2009 

Star Magazine (UK) and OK! Hot Stars (UK):

‘A fun and quirky debut’ (May 2009)

Shoe Princess Convert

shoe princess cover - high resMy Darling Shoe Princesses

It is with immense pleasure that I offer you this snippet of loveliness from SP Laura Coleman, penned after her reading of The Shoe Princess’s Guide to the Galaxy…and unwittingly solving a conundrum for SP Emma Bowd:

“I just read your book and really loved it….my own SP description was sadly lacking! 
The Late Bloomer SP
This shoe princess discovered her inner SP later than some of her counterparts and so her shoe passion is a source of delicious delight (she has ‘lost’ years to catch up on).  She has never bought a designer pair of shoes (and finds the prospect both scary and intriguing).  As a full time mum, some of her most satisfying moments come from having her shoes noticed!  She rarely wears heels as life has to be practical but loves a bit of height…she would love to have a lifestyle that warranted higher heels or, gasp, stilettos and often picks up hugely impractical shoes to stroke and admire…before going on to purchase a practical ballet flat.

This SP is very grateful to Princess Sapphire of Shoelandia for a hugely entertaining read which was such a welcome diversion from the grind and toil of life with a 2yr old and a 4 yr old!  An education…!

It was also good to meet you at the Magnolia Square market in Brighton recently. It has been inspiring to read your book and find that it took some time for you to craft your wonderful book. Thanks again for a great read, I found that my interest and desire to keep turning the page never waned – a rare treat!”

A genuine Shoe Princess convert…welcome to the fold my darling! xx

Shoe Princess of the week/month/year…century!

My Darling Shoe Princesses

A true tale of heel-devotion

At this very moment there is an intelligent, shoe-loving, female engineer working in the male-dominated world of construction….wearing skyscraper stilettos every single day with a tattoo on her foot reading:

“Stilettos – a feat of engineering!”

Surely the most dedicated subject in my shoedom….a SP Extraordinaire!

Stilettos Rising in Venus

My Darling Shoe Princesses

I’m currently having a Cosmic-Darwinian moment thanks to these pictures (from my divine Melbourne SPs) of shoes hanging from the ceilings of bookshop windows across their fair city!

The stars have truly aligned and natural order returned to the world…bliss!

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