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My Darling Shoe Princesses

My heartfelt thanks to the delightful Chloe and Leah at Chicklitreviews for their glowing review of SP Emma Bowd’s The Shoe Princess’s Guide to the Galaxy….

“5/5  –  Recommended as a brilliant summer read.”

I’m also quite chuffed to note their appreciation of SP Emma Bowd’s research into all things shoe-related.  I hasten to add that it was moi who insisted she attend a shoemaking weekend at the divine Prescott and Mackay  school of fashion and accessory design, London. (Sadly, no hunky Italian tutor as in Shoe Princess though!) – the fruits of her toils and blistered fingertips displayed in the photo below.  And, yes, we did do a shoe-trip to Milan too (the Holy Grail of all Shoe Princesses)….the cobblestones are truly treacherous! xx

SP Emma Bowd's hand made shoes 

Shoe Princess Hits UK Streets Running!

My heartfelt thanks to Shoe Prince, Dennis Verrios, for posting these photos hot from the streets of London (WH Smith; Waterstones)…a mere 4 days into publication!

I urge all the loyal UK subjects of my Shoedom to take The Shoe Princess’s Guide to the Galaxy on summer holiday…and let’s nudge that ranking number along a little….Something more akin to my UK shoe size (5) would be much more befitting a Shoe Princess! xx

 SP at Liverpool St Station, London, WH Smith Top 100   SP at Liverpool St Station London - WH Smith 

 SP at Waterstones Oxford Street1  SP at Waterstones Oxford St, London

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