The Shoe Princess’s Guide to the Galaxy

Bravo Melbourne Shoe Princesses

twf-logoI know I’m supposed to be locked in my writer’s cave, but…..Congratulations to all of the Melbourne Shoe Princesses and Princes who took part in the annual Warwick Foundation’s High Heel Race…a 100m dash in heels to raise money for young adults (18-40yrs) with cancer.
The runner-up received a  bottle of Moet and a signed copy of Emma’s novel The Shoe Princess’s Guide to the Galaxy.

Much thanks for kicking up your heels in support of the wonderful Warwick Foundation . xx

Back to the Cave…

My darling Shoe Princesses

As SP Emma Bowd disappears into her writers’ cave to commence her next novel, she leaves us with this truly lovely little Shoe Video – High Heel Confidential – jam packed with fascinating shoe ‘goss’ for the shoe enthusiast and interviews with the likes of Manolo Blahnik and Stefano Ferragamo.

The video’s quite long, at 40 plus minutes…so find a quiet moment, put your feet up and enjoy!

Petite Shoe Princess Extraordinaire

#bootsoftheday.......Yes, once again...Louboutin...with PUG!!! on TwitpicThis weeks ‘Top of the Class’ award, goes from one Aussie SP to another…

SP Emma Bowd has great pleasure in crowning the darling divine SP Kylie Minogue ‘Petite Shoe Princess’ extraordinaire, thanks to her unwavering dedication-to-the-cause. Truly inspiring!

Here’s Kylie’s latest Twitpic: Louboutin of course! xx

What type of Shoe Princess are you?  Could you be Pernickety, Common Garden Variety, Practical, Politically Correct or Cinderella?  After all, there’s a little bit of Shoe Princess in all of us, my darlings.  Lots more shoe-talk in SP Emma Bowd’s The Shoe Princess’s Guide to the Galaxy (UK/AUSTRALIA).

Petite Shoe Princess

Very high heels are a way of life for this SP…even her slippers have heels.  Her partner has never seen her barefoot, and she could easily run a marathon from lofty heights.  Her mantra is: ‘Why go to the gym when you can wear platform stilettos!’

Heart and Sole – Making Education a Reality

The Shoe Princess's Guide to the Galaxy author, Emma Bowd, leading the winter collection of clothing and food for the children's education charity Ardoch (Melbourne Weekly, June 2010)

Heartfelt thanks to the hundreds of mums who helped SP Emma Bowd collect many, many vanloads of clothing, shoes and food for her Shoe Princess Ardoch Winter Appeal over the past 4 months.  Word quickly spread amongst her gorgeous Shoe Princesses well beyond Bayside, with families and schools from all over Melbourne participating.  All of the donations were gratefully received by the grass-roots education charity and put to much good use during this, our coldest winter in many years.

In fact, SP Emma Bowd is extremely proud and delighted to announce that the food donation was the single largest ever received by Ardoch…all thanks to the generous and wonderful families of Loreto Mandeville Hall.

I always knew that my Shoe Princesses were gorgeous and fashionable on the outside AND with a magnificent social conscience on the inside! 

Thank you! xx

Manolo meets Liberty

My Darling Shoe Princesses

There’s much to be excited about for the next three and a half months, with our Patron Saint Manolo Blahnik sprinkling his magic dust at Liberty of London.  (Incidentally, his very first retail foray outside of his Chelsea headquarters.)

Not only has he designed the most divine selection of shoe-inspired gifts baring his signature drawings, but he’s also made exquisite shoes exclusively for Liberty – having painstakingly researched their magnificent fabric catalogues for inspiration.

For those SPs lucky enough to be London-bound, have fun!  For the rest of us, click here for the full range in Liberty’s World of Manolo.

By way of consolation for SP Emma Bowd not being able to get to London to see her beloved Liberty, I thought I’d share with you some of my Top 10 Manolo Blahnik Moments of Madness from The Shoe Princess’s Guide to the Galaxy (Bloomsbury, 2009):

1. Full marks for initiative to junior SP of Hong Kong, aged 9 years, who sawed off the 9cm heels on her mother’s Manolos so that she could wear them.

2. SP of Paris only ever wears skyscraper Manolos and drinks champagne during long-haul flights. Vowing that it prevents jetlag and always makes the destination city look more interesting.

3.  Go sister!  A Spanish nun was sentenced to community service after embezzling school-library funds and spending them on 30 pairs of Manolos.

4. SP of St Petersburg highly recommends Manolos to inject spice into the bedroom – ever since her boyfriend started wearing them.

5. It must be love! Cape Town model and SP put 200 pairs of Manolos up for sale on eBay after her boyfriend refused to move in with her unless she halved her shoe collection.

The Great Aussie Shoe Drop


My darlings,

I hereby decree Sydney and Melbourne STAR Shoe Princess City status!  All thanks to the divine Shoptilyoudrop Shoe Drop.

Simply follow the clues on Twitter @ shoptilyoudrop and weave your way through the CBD of Australia’s two premier cities to snare a pair of free designer shoes…the likes of YSL, Balenciaga, Marc By Marc Jacobs, Terry Biviano to name but a few…..truly!  In all, 50 pairs of shoes are up for grabs.

Little wonder author SP Emma Bowd calls Melbourne home!

The shoe hunt runs from Wed July 14th – Friday 16th July.

What are you waiting for….hop to it! xx

I’m Turning Japanese…

…I really think so!

All thanks to exquisitely beautiful shoes handmade from antique kimono fabric.  The brainchild of Amanda at Dames & Divas, and one of SP Emma Bowd’s most exciting finds from the Australian Shoe Fair!

Amanda will be showcasing her divine one-off shoes, handbags and accessories at Magnolia Square boutique market in Sydney Friday June 4th – Sunday June 6th.

All Hail Queen Danielle

H O T   O F F   T H E  P R E S S

My darling Shoe Princesses, it is with immense pleasure that I can announce Danielle Steele of romance novel fame as Monsieur Louboutin’s ‘supertop’ customer! With more than 6,000 pairs of his designer shoes in her closet – mostly garnered from personal shopping trips from her home in the US to Paris.

Ooh la la!  I think we have a new Queen of the Platinum Shoe Princesses.  Sorry Oprah, you have been dethroned!

(My humble author SP Emma Bowd can but dream….xx)

Shoe Exchange

A delightful tale told to SP Emma Bowd today, of a meeting-of-Shoe-Princess-minds to solve a tricky situation…

Divine Melbourne Shoe Princess and up-market hairdresser, Angela, is now the proud owner of 20 pairs of beautiful designer shoes (all unworn)…received in-lieu of money for salon treatments, from a rather well-heeled SP facing slight, err… cashflow problems.

Such a civilised outcome.  Bravo, my darling Shoe Princesses! xoxo

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