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The Shoe Princess's Guide to the Galaxy
Bloomsbury, 2009

Q:   My darlings, what do you get when more than 200 pairs of the best shod feet in Melbourne meet?

A:  My debut dance out into the world and the international launch of SP Emma Bowd’s bestselling novel The Shoe Princess’s Guide to the Galaxy! (Aust/NZ; UK)

An utterly fabulous evening of book-buying (thanks to Thesaurus Bookshop, Brighton), pink bubbles, delicious cake (from cake boutique Cakes of Distinction) and shoe-gazing was had.

Now….I’m always very nervous when greasy-haired authors leave their darkened caves to be present at such events, but I’m pleased to say that SP Emma Bowd did actually make an effort.  I’ve even given her 10/10 for her rhinestone-encrusted peep-toe stilettos – truly befitting a Shoe Princess.

In fact, I don’t think a certain Shoe Princess’s feet have quite made it back to the ground yet!

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‘A tale of love, friendship and shoes – what more could a girl want?’

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